EstateTenuta Gallinella is small, family-run producer of olive oil in the third generation. The production is managed by the 50 year old Pietro Sabella.

The olive trees have been owned by the family for many years and are located between the cities of Menfi and Sciacca. This area lies in the D.O.P. of Val di Mazzara Sicily, Italy (Designation of Protected Origin) – a territory very suitable for the cultivation of olives.

The business was founded by Pietro Sabella’s grandfather. He was already a dedicated and passionate producer of olives and olive oil. Pietro Sabella took over the business after his father’s death, continuing it with the same passion, values and tradition.

EstateThe cultivation of olives is still carried out in the same old way, without any use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Only with this method it is possible to achieve our main goals; first to produce a gorgeous natural olive oil and second to be consistent with nature.